F.M. HÄMMERLE is a brand well known for the past 178 years in the world of premium yarn dyed fabrics. Emphasizing on the principles of Innovation and Perseverance, our guiding principles have led us to become one of the most valued textile companies in the world. The company was founded in Austria by Mr. Franz Martin Hämmerle in 1836. In the year 1846 a factory for fabric dyeing was established at Donbirn, which expanded to spinning yarn, dyeing, weaving & finishing. In 1873 F.M. HÄMMERLE was an exhibitor at the Industrial Palace of the Vienna World Exhibition, showcasing world’s finest yarn dyed cotton shirting to the world and taking the name F.M. HÄMMERLE to International waters. The company progressed to become one of the largest and important companies in the history of Austria in the second half of 20th century. In 2008 manufacturing was established in India and subsequently this became the manufacturing base for FMH. Today, we showcase our products at Premiere Vision in Paris and Fabric Start in Munich, two of the most important fabric fairs in the world.

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