Pee Gee Fabrics is a name that evokes respect and admiration as one of India’s finest manufacturers of Fashion Fabrics. Over the last 3 decades, we at Pee Gee Fabrics have been tirelessly innovating our processes and technology to offer an ever expanding, myriad range of fashion textiles.

Our range of fabrics is meticulously designed and developed in accordance with the latest in international trends. Each fabric is a testimony to elegance and tradition while retaining its hallmark of being contemporary and hi-quality. We have in our repertoire, the widest array of fabric blends, colors, weaves and designs that are consistently in sync with the demands of both national and international markets. With our unerring commitment to trust, quality and consumer satisfaction, built-in to every aspect of our business, it is no wonder today that Pee Gee Fabrics caters to some of the most sought after fashion and apparel labels.

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